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Programmatic SEO

Programmatic SEO (or pSEO) is how businesses can leverage their data to build thousands of pages to maximise growth

Why you need programmatic SEO growth

Gain Serious Traffic with Programmatic SEO

One of the most strategic strategies in SEO is the one we specialise in

We have built, overseen and optimised many SEO campaigns so when it comes to this topic, we have seen it all. Our SEO Director Dejan is a specialist in this field and we are excited to bring you the best in class product straight to the Australian Market

Our Programmatic SEO Process

A Strategic Approach to Programmatic SEO

Ideation + keyword research

Investigate the industry to determine if a programmatic strategy is feasible and identify a keyword modifier or a set of keywords that make sense for the business

Data Sources + Template wireframing

Identify a data source that matches the keyword, or a combination of data-sets, then develop a wireframe where the content can sit on the page

internal linking

Strategically advise on an internal linking strategy for the newly created pages and then identify existing pages or menu’s to link the pages from, in order to increase both indexing and rankings

Staged Launch + Monitor

Launch the programmatic pages at a staged level, then slowly drip the pages and ensure they are getting indexed

Why Shuffle Digital for Programmatic SEO?

We offer a wide range of programmatic seo options to suit a variety of budgets & scales

Feasibility Checks

We will perform the analysis to see if Programmatic SEO is the right fit for your business based upon pseo modifier research.

Custom pSEO Proposals

We will create a custom proposal for your business to ensure you understand hat the benefits are from this strategy to answer any questions you may have

Experts in the vertical

We have a wealth of experience in working with programmatic websites back from 2009, so you can be sure you are in safe hands when executing SEOs most difficult strategy